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Men or women, who drives better?

According to the latest analysis carried out by the insurance comparison website Acierto.com, women drivers suffer fewer serious accidents than men. This prudence is also reflected in other aspects such as the consumption of alcohol and drugs while driving and vehicle maintenance.

The insurance comparator Acierto.com is willing to deny one of the most deeply rooted sexist myths: women at the wheel, constant danger. After carrying out a detailed study with data extracted from its digital portal, the entity points out that they could be better drivers, basically, because they have fewer serious accidents than them.

Despite the fact that women issue more parts to their car insurance, claims that men have are more dangerous. This means that there are third parties involved, bodily harm, fatalities, etc. The most frequent accidents are related to run over, head-on collisions and rollovers.

On the other hand, despite suffering fewer serious mishaps, women are affected by a higher number of distracted driving and minor mishaps –such as scratches in a parking lot, small collisions, etc–. Also more common in them are scopes and road exits.


Based on the data, women are responsible for 54% of the parties, while this percentage drops to 46% in the case of men. Here differences can be seen by age range, especially in the one between 35 and 40 years old. Women in this age bracket give nearly 20% more shares than their male counterparts. In any case, and as Acierto.com underlines, they are more cautious and respect traffic regulations more.

This prudence is also reflected in other aspects: the consumption of alcohol and other drugs at the wheel and in vehicle maintenance and its setup. Regarding the first question, men exceed the legal limits of consumption with a frequency five times higher than women. Regarding the set-up of the car, they also pay more attention. For example, only 22% of women acknowledge that they do not prepare their car well before leaving for a trip, compared to 27% of men.

Since 2012 insurance companies they cannot make distinctions of sex to set the price of the insurance

Acierto.com also reminds that one of the parameters that insurers take into account when setting the price of the policy is the profile of the insured. This includes the fines that have been issued in recent years or your accident history.

For example, and in the case that concerns us, a driver who stars in a fatal accident (in which the insurer must disburse an amount as compensation) will always be more expensive than another that does not give parts of this type. That is why, as a general rule, drivers with a good record, who have not given reports in the last year or whose reports have not been serious, can access cheaper policies than clients who pose a higher risk.

fine driver

As for the vehicle maintenanceit must be taken into account that a model that does not pass inspections with the appropriate frequency or that is not tuned also has a greater risk of breaking down while driving and, therefore, of requesting travel assistance from your car insurance .

Let us remember that today it is not possible to differentiate prices in policies according to the sex of the driver. In fact, in 2012 the European Union approved an initiative to apply identical prices to men and women with the aim of guaranteeing equality in the world of insurance companies. To avoid any type of bias, there is currently an insurance modality known as Pay As You Drive, which allows policyholders to pay based on how they drive.

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