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Men are more open to sex toys in relationships

Although more women use sex toys, it turns out that women are less open to using sex toys together with their partner. Some are downright afraid to suggest sex toys to their partner. This is shown in a survey carried out on behalf of LELO. But the benefits of using sex toys in couple relationships are many and can increase the chance of orgasm.

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Using sex toys together can be a great way to explore new ways of being intimate, which in turn strengthens your relationship. The so-called the love hormone oxytocin is released during orgasm and touch, and as a result of this, attachment and the feeling of closeness are strengthened. According to LELO’s survey, many of those who use sex toys with a partner experience benefits such as making sex more exciting, helping to explore sex life together and making sex more passionate.

Photo: Lelo

Explore new erogenous zones

Now LELO launched its new product LELO DOT which can serve as a good start to introduce sex toys into their couple relationship. The product is designed for those who wish to explore new erogenous zones, alone or together with their partner. LELO DOT is a pinpoint vibrator designed to be used externally on the whole body, making it perfect for couples to use already during foreplay.

“In a stressful everyday life, many couples forget to prioritize closeness and intimacy, even though we know deep down that it is important to set aside time for each other for a healthy relationship. With LELO DOT we hope to inspire more people to explore their erogenous zones,” says Jenny Peura, marketing and communications manager at LELOSweden.

Five unexpected erogenous zones to explore with your partner:

1. Inside forearm

2. The knee folds

3. The hamstrings

4. The soles of the feet

5. The lumbar spine

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