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Memes: Fans mock when they find out that Diego Cocca is the new DT of the Mexican National Team

Now what tigers uncovered the next technical director of the Mexican team with a statement in which they inform thatThey break their employment relationship with Diego Cocca because he agreed to lead the Tri, the ridicule of the Internet users did not wait and they came in droves pointing to the coach himself and his former team, which he only managed for 5 games, despite the fact that he asked for reinforcements, they brought them exceeding expectations and caused layoffs, such as Florian’s Thauvin. All so that in the end he left through the back door.

Mexican soccer fans did not let this go unnoticed and They made fun of the coach’s decision with memes, of how poorly placed Tigres is, of how disappointed Piojo Herrera must be and of the problems that the Argentine will face at the helm of Tri; For this reason, here we share some of the best.

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