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Meme creators protest against Instagram Why? • ENTER.CO

Several administrators of meme-creating pages decided to raise their voices against Instagram. The reason is the continuous censorship of several of its contents published on the social network.

Both the creators of memes and their followers decided to go to the headquarters of Instagram in New York with banners in their hands in support of the hundreds of accounts that have been closed. This is due to the publication of content that is prohibited by the content moderation policy of this platform. Meme accounts like @hornymermaid, @neoliberalhell and @namaste.at.home.dad led the rally. One of the complaints has to do with the number of closed accounts, in some cases more than 10 from a single creator. To protect themselves, many creators create backup accounts to prevent content loss.

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The creator of @neoliberalhell said that only words or images are captured by the algorithm and it becomes a spiral of increasingly strict moderation. “I had my entire account deleted for referencing Britney Spears’ ‘Work Bitch’ because I used the word bitch,” she said. This same creator herself claimed to have been a victim of online harassment and when she decided to post the harassing messages she was flagged for content violation on Instagram itself. In the account @antizuckprotest, created by the organizers of the protest to spread the mobilization, several of her demands were exposed, such as:

  • Protection for creators who monetize on the platform
  • They demand a real support system with real moderators to help users
  • They ask for the same moderation system for all users
  • Apply definitive closure of accounts only for extreme cases
  • They demanded to stop censoring and silencing marginalized voices to fit their political agenda.

This protest was also attended by sex workers, activists and artists on the platform. Regarding this, they criticized that Instagram deletes user accounts with OnlyFans links in their biography. But it allows PornHub and OnlyFans to have verified pages.

Image Souvik Banerjee on Unsplash

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