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Member of Grupo Firme undergoes an emergency operation. Eduin Caz, is that you?

firm group is experiencing difficult times because one of its members went to the emergency hospital, and no, it was not Edwin Caz as many think.

Despite being on vacation, AB Luna, second voice of the group, announced that he had to undergo emergency surgery.

The young man and second voice of the most famous band in Mexico uploaded a recording in which he mentions that he apparently had indigestion.

Product of the food he ate during the New Year’s Eve dinner, this while lying on a stretcher in what appears to be a hospital room.

Hours later, the same singer changed the version and says that it was not what he thought, but quite the opposite, because what caused him pain was the affectation of the appendix, for which he had to undergo emergency surgery to remove it and luckily he was feeling better

“They were moments of terror, almost 40 hours of pain and the truth is that I don’t wish it on anyone, I hope they take precautions and don’t wait for it and go and have surgery when this pain hits them, what better company than the family, thank you very much, they came from Tijuana and my wife was with me in Cancun”



The star pointed out who was vacationing when he had the health complication. But AB Luna is not the only one who has gone through a moment of this type in recent weeks.

Well, Eduin Caz, leader and vocalist, announced that in the next few days he will fully submit to his health care and that it is very likely that he will also have surgery.

“Family, I am hospitalized here, I had forgotten to tell you, what happens is that we are already here in the treatments, I am going to have surgery, there are going to be several operations because one thing leads to another and so, later I will explain more or less that is what I am going to do, but we are going to walk better, God willing “

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