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Melenie Carmona debuts as a singer and surprises the resemblance to her mother, Alicia Villarreal

The night of last Saturday December 10 Melenie Carmona debuted as a singerso his proud father did not hesitate to show off this new achievement, but what caught the attention of his fans on social networks was the great physical resemblance that the young interpreter has with her mother, Alicia Villarreal with whom he also shared the stage on this special night.

At 23 years old, Melenie Carmona forgot for a moment about her facet as an influencer to jump on stage as a singer, but she did not do it alone, because on this occasion it was her famous mother, Alicia Villarreal, who accompanied her in the nortex festival which took place in the Fundidora Park in Monterrey, Nuevo León.

Although Melenie’s debut took everyone by surprise, the messages with good wishes for this new stage of her life did not wait, one of the most important being that of her father, Arturo Carmonawho through his social networks shared a series of publications to wish his heiress success.

“Dying of love! Today my beautiful daughter debuts!! With his mommy! I love you my beautiful girl,” wrote the actor along with a series of images from the unforgettable night that Melenie lived.

However, not only did the launch of the young singer attract attention, but on this occasion what ended up stealing the camera was the surprising physical resemblance shared by Melenie and Alicia Villarreal.

“I thought at some point that it was Alicia Villarreal”, “My God, she is identical to her mother”, “I thought she was Alicia Villareal rejuvenated”, “It is the same portrait of her beautiful mother”, “Here we all think that she is identical to her mom”, “It is the clone of Alicia Villarreal”, “It is Alicia Villarreal”, “Very pretty and similar to her mother”, “Incredible the resemblance to her mommy”, “First photo Alicia Villareal Woow the genetics”, “Alicia Villarreal en chiquita”, are just some of the hundreds of messages that reached the publication of the next participant of ‘The House of Famous’.

But the proud father continued to publish some moments of the show in which mother and daughter shared the stage, where Carmona assured that it is the beginning of a great story in her daughter’s life and career.

For this special night Alicia Villarreal and Melenie performed the song “Te Aprovechas”, which became famous in 1995 by the group Limit.

“I am very happy, very proud of my shorty who is already encouraged to ride with her mother. She did it when she was younger, she has always sung with me. It’s like a debut for Melenie here at Nortex.“Commented the singer in an interview with Telediario.

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