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Melendi “mysteriously” travels to Amsterdam

He has only written one sentence in relation to his trip

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The singer Ramón Melendi Espina, better known as “Melendi”, turned 43 years old yesterday, January 21.

Melendi is not only a singer, but also a renowned Spanish composer of the genre of pop and rumba music.

When he was young, he was attracted to soccer, a sport in which he even began a small soccer career, he made his debut in the lower categories of the team from his city, Real Oviedo.

Then, at the beginning of 2001, he decided to leave the king of sports when he had to decide and leaned into the world of music, and formed a band created with friends, which was called “Sherwood Forest”.

So far, the tape with the most views on its platforms is “Fate or Chance”, a collaboration with the US duo, Ha+Ash, from 2017, and in which the video was shot and recorded in the United States .

The song achieved a platinum record, not only in Mexico, but also in his native Spain.

In his career, he has released up to eight studio albums: Without news from the Netherlands (2003), May heaven wait sitting down (2005), As long as it doesn’t cost work (2006), Your father’s curious face (2008), Let’s start over (2010), Messy tears (2012), One more student (2014), Take off your glasses (2016), Now (2018), 10:20:40 (2019) and Likes and scars (2021).

trip to the netherlands

The singer announced a few days ago that the Melendi with whom he began his musical career and with which he won the affection of his fans would soon return. This 2023 celebrates 20 years of career and says that they have many surprises prepared.

At the moment, he shared a video in which he sees himself wearing sunglasses and a cap, trying to copy the young man he was two decades ago when he began his musical career and released his first album “No news from the Netherlands”.

He shared an image from the airport, making it clear that his next destination is Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, and the publication has generated many comments.

“20 years listening to comments like ‘El Milindri is no longer cool’, ‘Please smoke joints again’, ‘make songs from the old days, which are so cool for us’ and ‘stop so much love once and for all'”, he was told. hear say in the video he shared a few days ago. “How am I going to spend it with Milindri 2.0!!! The party is back!!!”, could be read in the photo.

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