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MEI account limit may rise to R$130,000

Anyone who has a MEI account knows that this is a safe way to move all the money involved with work, so as not to confuse the individual with the legal person before the Revenue, but the great news is that the limit of the MEI account can increase from 81 thousand reais to 130 thousand reais a year. Check the details below.

Currently, having a MEI account can be an activity linked to a micro-entrepreneur or even to a freelance worker. This is because the account MEI It’s easy to create and doesn’t require a lot of bureaucracy.

What this article covers:

What does the bill say about increasing the MEI billing limit?

This PL arose in response to the increase in the number of MEIs operating in Brazil. Official statistics collected during the project report that by 2020 there were around 11 million MEIs in the country. The main rules of the PL are:

  • The owner of MEI will have an annual limit of up to 130 thousand reais.
  • The possibility of hiring one more employee (until then, the MEI can only have one)
  • Employees will receive, at most, a minimum wage or the minimum salary corresponding to their category.

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In addition to extending the limit to allow micro-entrepreneurs to grow their businesses without bureaucratic impediments, the PL also enables the greater generation of formal jobs.

What are the criteria for opening a MEI account?

The benefits envisaged by this PL are not intended for everyone, however. There are a number of requirements that must be met for the micro-entrepreneur to qualify for the right to open a MEI account.

  • Revenue per year should not exceed 81 thousand reais. On average 6,750 reais of gross monthly income.
  • Not to exercise activity in another company in the positions of partner, manager or owner.
  • Have only one employee in office and on the payroll
  • Fit your business activity into one of the 450 permitted by law

It is good to remember that each of these criteria must be followed. Leaving anyone aside means rejecting your application for a MEI account.

Who can benefit from increasing the MEI Account Limit?

The biggest beneficiaries are professionals whose work is autonomous and whose profession is not covered by the regulations of traditional professional associations, as is the case of doctors and lawyers. Professionals who provide services, such as manicurists, beauticians, painters, masons, can receive benefits from a MEI account, even more so with an increase in the limit.

What are the benefits of being an Individual Microentrepreneur?

For all those who already have their MEI account, there are a number of known benefits, including:

  • Retirement
  • Death benefit for dependents
  • sick pay
  • Lower fees when purchasing products for the company
  • Possibility of making exclusive loans for MEI, with softer rates

Still in the approval phase, the bill aims to encourage individual micro-entrepreneurs, as well as take workers out of informality, to integrate both into the Simples Nacional regime and open the doors of social security benefits to more and more people.

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