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Meghan Markle and Harry met on Instagram. He compares her to Lady Di

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry during a trip to Canada in January 2022.

Photo: DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS – WPA Pool. /Getty Images

The documentary Harry and Meghan has already premiered on Netflix. In the first chapter they tell in a very complicit way how did they meet on instagram. A friend told the actress that someone was interested in her. To which the famous she asked to see the feed of Lady Di’s son. Immediately, the exchange of messages began.

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In the first installment of Netflix documentary the prince harry Y Meghan Markle They talk about how the first meeting between them was after an exchange of messages on Instagram. They went to eat, he arrived late and sweaty but they had an incredible time. “We looked like kids playing,” Meghan said. At the same time she admitted that in addition to the Instagram messages, of course, the video calls began and the relationship became long distance.

It was then that Prince Harry began to see her with many similarities to Diana Wales. Today he affirms and he compares her all the time with her mother. He says that they have the same optimism, energy and empathy with others. After his first date, it was Meghan Markle herself who told him to have a second date.

Meghan and Harry fell in love fast

The next day she had gone to Wimbledon and wanted to take a shower. She had written to Harry to see each other after his late arrival on their first date and after instagram posts. He told her that she could be as late as he wanted. He was going to wait for her. He was already absolutely smitten with Meghan and she already felt love for him. They explain in his Netflix documentary that the crush was immediate.

The next appointment was in Botswana in Africa for five days and sleeping in a tent. Harry thought it was fantastic and he knew it might or might not work. But for her it was quite an experience that undoubtedly changed her life. They hadn’t seen each other for a month and it was the only time they had to get to know each other before the world found out.

“We could both be completely honest. There was no cell phone signal. There were no mirrors. There was no bathroom…. Fortunately we like each other a lot.”said Meghan. On her return they arranged for her to travel to United Kingdom and there go more unnoticed traveling in the carriages of royalty to take walks between the palaces. Harry had a very busy schedule. The appointments were like that so that the press would not find out.

Meghan confessed to her best friend that she was in love and that she would go with him to the end by his side. It seems that so far it has been. Of course this has had its cost. The resignation of the British royal monarchy brought him a high price. For a time, in secret, Harry had prepared Meghan for that moment when their relationship became public. Since the news would already be out, they decided to party and celebrate in a big Halloween celebration with friends.

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