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Megan Fox hits back at cheating rumors

After last week’s rumors that Machine Gun Kelly had cheated on Megan Fox, the actress is now hitting back on Instagram: “You need to let this story die,” she writes.

Photo: Instagram @meganfox

It was during Sunday that Megan Fox reactivated her account on Instagram to comment on the rumors that her fiance, the artist Machine Gun Kelly, would have cheated on her.

Rumors gained momentum after last week Fox disabled her account, this after she removed the majority of her photos of Machine Gun Kelly and instead published a post with a line of lyrics from Beyocéy’s song Pray You Catch Me from the album Lemonade:

“You can taste the dishonesty / It’s all over your breath”, which roughly means: “You can taste the dishonesty / It’s in your breath”.

Megan Fox: “Unfounded news”

Now the actress has reactivated her account on the platform and published a new post in which she writes:

“There has been no involvement of a third party in this relationship. This includes, but is not limited to…humans, DMs, AI bots, or succubus demons.”

She continues:

“As much as I hate to rob you of random, unsubstantiated news that would have been written much more accurately by ChatGPT, you need to let this story die now and leave all these innocent people alone.”

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