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Mega Millions draw tomorrow: what ritual to do if you want to win the lottery

The big Mega Millions draw where $1.025 million dollars will be at stake will take place this Friday. If you are going to play and want to have the advantage of the universe, there is a ritual that can help you increase your luck.

The materials you will use are: a pendulum, a green candle, myrrh incense, sprigs of rosemary, grated lemon peel, sea salt and a sheet of paper preferably green.

If you can’t find a pendulum, you can make a homemade one, as recommended by the site Hechizo.net, author of this recipe. Use a cord, chain, lace or thread and at one end tie a medium weight object such as a key or a quartz.

Before beginning you must tune your energy with the objective of this ritual. How to do it? Wish for sure that you want to win the prize and be psyched up that you can be the winnerafter all, the people who will participate have the same possibilities as you, however, with this ritual the universe will know that you want it more than others.

How to do the ritual to win the lottery step by step

Step 1: with a match first light the candle and then the myrrh incense.

Step 2: Mix the rosemary, the lemon zest and the salt on an extended plate.

Step 3: form a circle in the space where you are going to elaborate the rest of the ritual. If you wish, you can use a piece of thread to clearly visualize the circumference.

Step 4: Put the plate where you placed the rosemary, lemon zest and salt in the circle.

step 5: on the green sheet, write with a black pen the first number you chose on your lottery ticket and on the back the date of the draw and the name: Mega Millions July 29, 2022.

Step 6: with your left hand place the pendulum on top of the sheet with the number facing up and think that this is the winning number.

step 7: do step 5 and 6 with all the numbers you have chosen.

How to use this ritual for upcoming lottery games?

All steps 1 to 5 should be repeated with a small change. You must perform the ritual before choosing your numbers and write the ones you plan to select on a green sheet. Next, place the pendulum and ask: “I (your name) want to know if the number (the figure you have written) will be one of the winners in the draw (name and date of the draw)”.

If the pendulum moves and you feel a special vibration, it means that you could be one of the winners, otherwise, try others.

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