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Meet the Wise card, which can be used in 200 countries

Last Wednesday, the new Wise (formerly TransferWise) shared its newest debit card in international format. With the Wise card, customers can make purchases in around 200 countries when traveling or shopping online.

With the Visa flag, the Wise card can also be used for withdrawals at any Banco24Horas ATM.

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What is the Wise Card?

The recent and modern Wise card was launched after the advance of vaccination against Covid-19 and the increase in international transactions. According to Wise itself, savings when using this card can be considered up to seven times greater when compared to other options on the current market.

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The Wise card acts as an extension of the existing Wise account, which offers currency exchange services to its customers. The consumer with the Wise card has the possibility of coverage in more than 50 types of currencies.

This launch is the first card in the national territory whose main objective is to manage more than one currency.

How does the international Wise card work?

The Wise Card offers purchase services in other countries using the real exchange rate. This card can be used for online purchases, international travel and even local transactions.

In addition, with Wise it is possible to carry out the movement of international accounts of the company that specializes in remittances from abroad. Coin accumulation and transfer is also a capability for Wise customers. Online subscription services can also be paid with account balances.

What do I need to apply for the Wise card?

The Wise card is intended for tourists, workers who receive their salary from abroad, exchange students and customers of stores outside Brazil.

All interested parties who fit these aspects must apply for the card through the official Wise platform. But for that, you need to already have an account with Wise and have made at least one international transfer.

All customers who have not yet been included in the services in the beta phase of this launch and who are on the waiting list will have preference in choosing the card.

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