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Meet the Rico Investimentos brokerage and see if it’s worth it!

Well-known in the investment market, the Rico Investimentos brokerage is now part of the XP Investimentos group, both belonging to the Itaú bank. Even so, Rico is still able to provide a differentiated experience to its customers due to its autonomy.

Corretora Rico Investimentos aims to offer services to people who want to invest money. Many of its services are free, such as the Treasury Direct investment method.

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What is Rico Investimentos?

Belonging to the XP group, the Rico Investimentos brokerage works for the Itaú bank. She is wanted by people who want to invest in fixed income. According to the company, the goal is to make it as easy as possible for its customers.

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In addition to fixed income investment services, the Rico Investimentos brokerage also offers other options for variable income, such as real estate funds and stocks. However, most of its clients are looking for traditional investments, such as Treasury Direct.

When was Rico Investimentos brokerage created?

Rico Investimentos was founded in 1998 under the name Link Investimentos. Link was focused on legal entities, but in 2008 the story changed through a new project.

After a few years of working with the project of Home broker aimed at individuals, Link Investimentos was sold and only Link Trade remained in 2012. Thus, Rico Investimentos was officially born.

Is the Rico Investimentos brokerage reliable?

Rico Investimentos is considered a reliable broker. All its services are regulated through serious institutions. The company is also accredited with the Cetip seal.

All of the brokerage’s investments are made in the name of the clients. In case of problems, any client can leave for new institutions at any time.

At Reclame Aqui, the company has a score of 8.2 and 91.7% of complaints are responded to quickly. The solution rate is 90.9%, considered a good percentage by the evaluation platform.

What services does Rico Investimentos provide?

The Rico Investimentos brokerage seeks to provide a complete list of services to its clients. Its commitment is to improve all its digital services so that its customers have autonomy and ease.

Stock Exchange

One of the most popular services offered by Rico Investimentos is investing in the stock exchange. With Home Broker, customers can make their investments directly on the stock exchange. To better meet the demand, Rico offers a complex but efficient Home Broker.

Public and private securities

Public and private bonds are certificates issued by companies. This type of investment is proposed for investors looking for other profitability options. This investment method offered by Rico can also be used as portfolio diversification.

investment funds

For Rico Investimentos brokerage clients, investment funds are considered one of the opportunities to increase earnings. An investment fund is created from a portfolio of assets. It is available with fundraising quotas. The minimum amount for the method is BRL 100.

What is the minimum investment amount in Rico?

Investment amounts at Rico are quite varied and capable of meeting any type of demand. The Treasury Direct method has the lowest minimum value, starting at just R$30. The goal of Rico Investimentos brokerage is in fact to provide investment services to all types of investors.

In addition to ease and various investment plans, the Rico brokerage is famous for providing security to all its customers. It is accredited by CVM and has the Cetip seal.

Its years of experience are also reflected when it comes to safety. Today, the broker works with more than 900,000 clients, making it one of the leaders in the investment market.

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