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Meet 5 dreams that mean jealousy

Dreams are a reflection of situations, feelings and emotions that occur in real life. In certain contexts, they can show that you are jealous of something either by your partner, a friend, family member or co-workeretc.

Jealousy is a feeling that causes discomfort and is associated with fears and insecurities. It is a feeling that can be difficult to accept, however, our subconscious gives us signals to tell us that we feel them deep down.

The things that trigger jealousy can be very diverse. The following 5 dreams are some of the most common that those who feel jealous present. and, based on an article from the specialized site Refugio del Alma, we tell you how to interpret them.

1. Dream of a friend’s wedding

The positive aspect of this dream symbolizes good friendships, but in the negative it indicates that you feel jealous for someone who is living a happy moment that you could have experiencedor, but you didn’t because of bad decisions you made. In this case, you will have to analyze what situations in your life led you to have this feeling.

2. Dream of broken diets

When you have this dream it symbolizes that you have low self-esteem and insecurities affect you. You are jealous of the triumphs of others because you believe that you are not capable of succeeding. It is likely that you find yourself in a spiral of pessimism from which you cannot get out.

3. Dream of land

Dreams with land generally have positive connotations. They talk about self-discovery, real goals and clear goals, however, the negative aspect speaks of emotional problems. It reflects an inability to control impulses.

4. Dream of withered flowers

Relationship problems are reflected in this type of dreams. It is likely that you are jealous of the presence of a third person and withered flowers are a sign that this feeling is damaging your relationship.. Jealousy makes you think unclearly, so it is recommended to discuss things with your partner.

5. Dream of fake coins

Dreams with fake coins are associated with betrayal and mistrust.For this reason, it can reveal fear and insecurity, emotions that are reflected in jealousy.

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