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MEC opens ENEM enrollment, see who will be free

This Tuesday, registration for ENEM was opened and completely free of charge, to participants who were unable to participate in 2020, through the Participant’s page. They will remain open until the 26th of September and the test will be held on the same day, the 26th of September.

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The Federal Supreme Court chose to reopen registration for participants who were unable to attend the original exam date, due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, Educafro, the main author that determined the reopening, reported that it will try to appeal against the decision of the Ministry of Education to only open registrations to those who did not participate in the test.

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Still with Educafro, the MEC even fails to comply with a court decision. The correct thing would be to open enrollment for all students who feel the need to participate in ENEM.

The government body had not allowed candidates who did not take the 2020 test, due to the coronavirus, to have it free of charge at the time of registration, that is, there would be only about 3.1 million students to take the test. This number is equivalent to the year 2005.

Ministry of Education against gratuity

This method that MEC had adopted does not include the poorest students in Brazil, that is, they would be left out of the National High School Examination. As of the Supreme Court’s decision, between 1 million and 2 million candidates will be included.

Candidates will take the tests together with the PPL, the acronym means: persons deprived of liberty. There will be an announcement to be published in the Diário da União.

Other participants with confirmed registration will take the tests from November 21st and 28th, 2021. The dates are foreseen from the beginning of registration, therefore, those who are going to participate in the tests should check the location of the tests on the INEP website.

What is ENEM?

The acronym means National High School Examination, and this test has the main objective of ensuring that students acquire an X grade when evaluating according to the results obtained by the tests, to enter public or private universities. The program has existed since 1998.

Interested students who were unable to participate in ENEM 2020 should access the ENEM 2020 page. Participant and sign up.

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