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Meaning of Tuesday the 13th: why it is believed to be bad luck

A very popular phrase that is heard with greater force on days like today reads as follows: “On Tuesday the 13th, don’t get married, don’t embark, don’t leave your house” and it is that an old superstition says that, on dates with this kabbalistic number, particularly Tuesday and Friday, they are unlucky.

The explanation precedes a series of negative religious connotations linked with the number 13. In the Kabbalah, a Jewish school of thought, it is said that there are 13 evil spirits, in addition the 13 refers to the goat, an animal that Abraham had to sacrifice to God and for which it is associated with death.

In Christianity there were 13 attendees at the Last Supperit is believed that Jesus was sacrificed on Friday the 13th and in the book of Revelation the Antichrist is mentioned in chapter 13.

Another reference can be found in Viking mythology. The 13 is associated with Loki, a treacherous god, which is why it was said to be unreliable, according to National Geographic in an article.

This accumulation of religious and mythological connotations have caused 13 to be the number with the worst reputation, but why on Tuesday? To find out, we must also turn to ancient historical beliefs.

In Greek mythology, Typhoon, an evil divinity associated with hurricanes and who clashed with Zeus after exterminating the Titans, was born on a Tuesday.

The Romans named this day after Mars, the god of war.and since they took the influence of the gods in their lives very seriously, they believed that Tuesday was violent and conflictive, so they avoided weddings, businesses and other activities that required good luck.

The belief of both civilizations transcended through the centuries and now the superstitious have adopted it today, so they believe that on Tuesday the 13th they should not marry, move, meet black cats, travel in seats with number 13, sleep in rooms 13, wear yellow clothes and break mirrors, lest they fall victim to a curse. And you, are you superstitious?

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