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Meaning of 2023 in numerology: what changes will arise in the year

Numerology attributes a type of energy to the numbers that is tuned in and affects our lives, according to this system, 2023 is a universal year 7after the sum of its digits results in this figure that has a special meaning.

The symbolism of 7 is associated with spirituality, self-discovery, compassion and intuition, so augurs a more positive year, but with many changes on a collective scale.

What does it mean that 2023 is a universal year 7?

Each base number, that is, from 1 to 9, has different ways of being interpreted in numerology. In the case of 7 its meaning is associated with the spiritual search So it could leave us with more questions than answers, at least initially, numerologist Jasmine Wolfe explained in a Well+Good article. In this sense, she said that in 2023 we will try to answer the big questions that the universe is asking us.

The number 7 appears in themes of the world in general, for example, 7 oceans, 7 continents, 7 chakras, 7 colors of the rainbow, etc., so its symbolism, in addition to being earthly, is mystical.

2023 being a numerological year 7 it has the energy of personal and collective progress, that is, changes and updates at all levels, from an image update to a spiritual transformation.

As for collective issues, numerologists anticipate a year of innovations and important discoveries, although somewhat eccentric, given the mysticism of 2023 as year 7.

According to the forecast of experts at Well+Good, technology and the internet will play an even bigger role in our lives, so there could be more digital tools and inventions that will make our lives easier.

Likewise, people may wish to reconnect with nature to explore in its wisdom the answers that will emerge as the year goes by.

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