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Mayrín Villanueva and the time she said “goodbye” to the chestnut to welcome a blonde mane

The Mexican actress Mayrin Villanueva he never fails to surprise through his performances on television. And it is that her commitment to the story goes beyond the emotional, since she has repeatedly shown that she is willing to undergo physical changes.

Such was the case of her character in the melodrama “My heart is yours”, ‘Isabela Vázquez’, which required a change of look in the actress that made her say goodbye -temporarily- to her long brown hair to welcome a platinum blonde.

This transformation recently became relevant again after Romina, daughter of the histrionisa, turned to her social networks to share an image in which they can be seen posing very smiling from the red carpet of the TvyNovelas Awards.

Romina Poza accompanied the image with a phrase that soon touched sensitive chords in the heart of the famous, for which she chose to dedicate a loving message to her. “I love your daily company. You fill me with peace @rominapozav ”, wrote the wife of Eduardo Santamarina.

The photograph of the memory dates from 2014 and presents the look that Mayrín Villanueva has not taken up againbecause he currently sports brown hair that has become very characteristic of his person.

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