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Mayeli Alonso is honest and revealed one of the worst moments of her life: “I haven’t had a penny”

mayeli alonsoJenni Rivera’s ex-sister-in-law, decided to open her heart and be honest about one of the most difficult moments of her life.

The former partner of Lupillo Rivera and one of the best friends of the “Diva de la Banda” Jenni Rivera, but the celebrity has also shone with her own light and for a few years she began an artistic career on social networks and as a businesswoman.

In one of the videos he shared from Instagram and TikTok, Mayeli Alonso recalled that she did not always have the wealth and power that she now boastssince there were moments in her life in which she did not have a single weight and struggled to raise her children.

“Yes, I know that God is with me and he will always be, in the darkest moments of my life, where I have been left without a measly weight, so I tell you people, I swear on my father who died, I I have come to be left without a measly weight to pay for blowjobs that fucking ungrateful people give me and I have risen from the ashes ”


Another of the things that he assured in a talk with Pepe Garza, is that he is not afraid of remaining in poverty because he has always worked, It should be noted that Mayeli Alonso was one of the participants in the reality show “La Casa de los Famosos 2” and is a recurring member of the series “Rica, Famosa, Latina.”

On Jenni Rivera’s death anniversary, which commemorated 10 years since the group star’s departure, Mayeli Alonso recalled with emotion the time that her then sister-in-law visited her to show her one of the songs she wrote and in which she dedicated one of the verses to her.

It corresponds to the piece “Parrandera, Rebelde y Atrevida”, one of the hymns that the “great lady” left in the repertoire.

“Jenni and I had a very special chemistry, more in drunkenness, I don’t know why, she dedicated a song to me, she put my name, it was a gift she gave me, she went and took it to my house, she put the I remember a song in the office and she told me ‘I want you to listen to something that I dedicate to you and that I remember a lot about you’ she loved the riot”

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