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Mayeli Alonso confessed to having 8 orgasms a night in front of Sit Whoever Can cameras

Mayeli Alonso, formerly of Lupillo Rivera, presenter and businesswoman, at Los Premios de La Radio 2022 in Mexico.

Photo: Pedro Mera. /Getty Images

the ex of Lupillo Rivera, mayeli alonsocontinues as a guest on the show UniMore, sit who can. After talking about threesomes and even agreeing with Niurka Marcos about open relationships, she has now talked about her performance in bed and how sex is an important matter in every relationship she has. To the point to confess to having several orgasms in one night.

“It has happened to me… 68 is a lot but it is more than 8”said mayeli rivera when asked by Julian Gil and the rest of the panelists that make up the show sit who can. In addition, he also said that sex for her should be something daily and that one of the strongest attractions a man can have is his humor. “I like funny people… It’s too sexy… There is no better attribute for a man than being funny”, in addition to the explosive details he gave about his sexuality.

Mayeli Alonso also talked about how “the flame” can be lit in sexual relations: “The best thing for a man is for the woman to feel safe. Forget cellulite, stretch marks, rashes, fat… There is nothing sexier for a man than a self-confident woman who loves herself.“. Immediately, the former Rich Famous Latina and participant of The House of the Famous 2 was applauded by the entire tv set.

Mayeli Alonso defends threesomes in relationships

As we already discussed, Lupillo Rivera’s ex will be on the show all week SQP. Yesterday he also gave explosive statements about a live of instagram that he did previously and where he confessed that he had had a threesome with one of his ex-partners.

Of course, this opened the debate between fans and media. mayeli He maintains that if both parties are sure of the relationship, there is no problem in experiencing other things. He only advises: “Don’t be someone you know.” He also said that their relationship was never fractured by this and that He also did not feel doubts about his sexual preferences: “I don’t like women”he assured while he walked through how he currently sees men: “It is in their DNA to be unfaithful… But I like men.”

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