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Mayeli Alonso and Juan Rivera even found themselves with the bucket for comments in La Casa de Los Famosos

Mayeli Alonso, formerly of Lupillo Rivera, presenter and businesswoman, at the 2022 Radio Awards in Mexico.

Photo: Pedro Mera. /Getty Images

john rivera is one of the darlings of The House of Famous 3. As expected, Jenni Rivera’s brother he began to talk about his family and in this case he mentioned his ex-sister-in-law, who was married to his brother Lupillo Rivera, mayeli alonso. When she found out about the comments, she took her Instagram and He responded to Juan and they ended up hitting the bucket.

“My sister-in-law was here at La Casa de Los Famosos. They say… I don’t know why I didn’t see it but they say… I’m not ensuring that later people say… that she said that she did not come for the $200 thousand dollars, that she earned that in one day, that those here were starving…“, were the comments he made john rivera during the reality show Telemundo about the ex too Rich Famous Latina, mayeli alonso.

But heThe ex of Lupillo Rivera did not remain silent and took her Instagram to make one of her usual live. “I don’t know if you remember when I told you that you were starving. I meant that the girls bothered me a lot that day when they nominated me and Osvaldo. It really struck me that they nominated Osvaldo because he and I invested a lot of time in the kitchen to feed all that ball of swallow ***** ”, she began, clarifying the former participant of La Casa de Los Famosos 2 about Juan Rivera’s statements.

As for whether he needed the money or not, as the regional Mexican singer commented, he also opined: “I did not say I generate it day by day. Yes I can, yes it has happened times that my two stores have sold that. Yes it has happened…”, he sentenced mayeli. There is no doubt that, even as time passes, this telemundo reality show He continues to give people something to talk about, even with his former participants, even from the first season.

It was precisely the first winner, Alice Machadowho also thought of Arturo Carmona and his flirtations with the participants of The House of the Famous. And even surprised by revealing having had a past affair with the same. Just as he also sang them to Nicole Chavez and his father, Julio César Chávez.

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