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Maybelline’s Dream Matte Mousse is a hit on TikTok – that’s why you should give the teenage favorite a second chance

Maybelline’s Dream Matte Mousse was a real favorite among teenagers in the early 2000s, despite the fact that it often gave rise to an orange skin tone. Now the reviled product – which appears to have a new, improved formula – is making a hit on TikTok.

Screenshot: TikTok @makeupbyalissiac

TikTok is a platform that many people use to discover new beauty favorites – but also to rediscover classic products, such as Clinique’s iconic lipstick Almost Lipstick Black Honey.

“Is actually really good!”

It is precisely the trend of trying on make-up that was in during the early 2000s that has resulted in Maybelline’s Dream Matte Mousse now experiencing something of a renaissance. This creamy foundation was something of a must-have for many of those who were teenagers during this period, although it often gave a rather unsatisfactory (read: orange) result.

Now, however, a younger generation has opened their eyes to the product. Makeup enthusiast Alissia – who goes by the username @makeupbyalissiac on the platform – is one of the TikTokers who has tested Dream Matte Mousse and showed his reaction in a video. After using her fingers to apply the “mousse”, she is pleasantly surprised:

“I actually really like this,” she says. “I like how it looks matte and skin-like. What the hell, this is actually really good!”

Alissia is not the only TikToker who has reacted positively to the previously slightly maligned product. According to Teen Vogue Maybelline has probably changed its formula, because with the help of the right application – try to only apply the product to the “high” areas of the face, warm it up with your fingers and then blend it out with a brush – it now gives a much nicer base than before it went.

Check out Alissia’s video below!

@makeupbyalissiac Trying the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation for the first time… I’m a little shaken lol!! #BeautyReview #BeautyHacks ##makeuptutorial ♬ original sound – ALISSIA

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