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Maximum iPhone security is vulnerable • ENTER.CO

A few weeks ago Apple developed a new protection mode. But now it was discovered that that iPhone’s maximum security mode is vulnerable.

The ‘lock mode’. iPhone is a maximum security system that was developed to protect the most exposed people or professionals. This to deal with computer attacks from software like Pegasus, which was made to monitor human rights activists, lawyers and journalists. However, one privacy activist says that this blocking mode also makes it easier for a website to detect when someone is using it.

This could mean that what was designed to be protection against rogue governments could actually do the opposite. Because you would be helping to identify people of interest to these organizations. Remember that iPhone ‘Lock Mode’ was intended to protect people against spyware. Apple claims that this mode is an extreme optional protection that should only be used if you think you may be the target of a highly sophisticated cyber attack. When activated, the iPhone does not work as usual, since the applications, web pages and some functions will be especially limited.

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Unfortunately, John Ozbay, CEO of the privacy-focused company Cryptee and a privacy activist, figured out that this mode creates a risk. Because it is not common for a website to not be able to load custom fonts (a measure of ‘lockdown mode’). This would then indicate that the web visitor is using Apple’s ‘block mode’. Which confirms that iPhone security is vulnerable in this mode.

What we must understand is that this is not a security system error. If not, it is a consequence of security measures that Apple cannot avoid. This is not an issue that most regular iPhone users worry about because lockdown mode is designed for those who believe they may be the target of a cyber attack.

Image: Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

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