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Mauricio Ochmann breaks the silence and reveals who is the third in disagreement between him and his partner, Paulina Burrola He couldn’t take it anymore!

After a Mexican magazine assured that Mauricio Ochman Y Paulina Burrola They are experiencing a crisis in their relationship. The famous actor decided to break the silence and talk about it.

Well, he made sure that his ex-partner, Aislinn Derbezwas the third in contention between the actor and his current partner after a trip he had with the daughter of Eugenio Derbez and his little girl Kailani.

Ochmann even fled at the Mexico City airport when the press questioned him about the status of his romance with the former beauty contestant.

Finally, and at the insistence of the questions about whether he had finished his courtship with Burrola, the artist responded emphatically and then started his career: “No man, no, all good, happy new year”.

However, hours later, Eugenio Derbez’s ex-son-in-law published on his social networks a romantic photo with Paulina and another with the model’s mother that he accompanied with a message.

“She is the third in disagreement between Paulina Burrola and me! Hit the next photo… My mother-in-law because I don’t know which of the two is more loving… Happy 2023”.


In this way, the actor scuttled the breakup rumors and confirms that he starts the year very much in love, for which the congratulations of friends and fans have not stopped manifesting themselves in his publication.

What was said about Mauricio Ochmann and Burrola?

Everything would have started on Kai’s birthday, which they celebrated with friends at Disney, and they looked, to say the least, too involved. And it was not for less, they have a little one together, in addition to the fact that they were always a great couple and team.

But coming to the point, this made noise for Paulina. Who after the actor’s return would have told her that she felt displaced. In addition to the fact that it bothered her that they went with her friends as if they were still family, which they still are.

And the cherry on the cake came when he was asked if Paulina is jealous of Ais, something that he immediately admitted. And of course, Ais is smart as well as pretty, but well that’s another topic that we’ll see later.

The straw that broke the camel’s back would have been a video that Aislinn uploaded in which Mauricio is seen happy with life at Disney.

What bothered the model, in addition to what hurt her because many comments in the publications that made their trip referred to Mauricio and Aislinn as a happy family, when they are no longer together.

But according to the informant there is a more sensitive issue in this insecurity, Well, Paulina would have asked Mauricio to start a family and get pregnant in the midst of her despair for having him close and not with her daughters, because her insecurity makes her feel displaced.

Something that did not make Mauricio think much according to said source, and that practically told her what she wanted to hear, but not really thinking about it thoroughly. Well, it would be a topic that at this point no longer attracts her attention, because she wants to focus more on her work.

Despite this, Paulina wants to focus on being a mother next year, since she would already be clinging to achieving it no matter what Mauricio thinks about it. Therefore, said infiltrator opened the possibility that they could end their relationship because of her efforts.

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