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Mauricio Mancera reveals the juicy amount that each participant of ‘MasterChef Celebrity’ earns

Just a few weeks away from meeting the winner of the Tv Azteca reality show, ‘MasterChef Celebrity’, the recently eliminated Mauricio Mancera He gave an interview in which he revealed several details about the production of Tv Azteca and even “spoke the beans” about the juicy amount that each participant obtained for his work.

The great revelation occurred during her appearance on Matilde Obregón’s YouTube channel. There, he explained that the experience was worth it, because He not only received new knowledge about cooking, but also a very attractive salary.

Within his story, Mauricio Mancera confessed that contrary to what the public believes, said reality represented a challenge on a physical and emotional level, since the recordings were exhausting and “marathon”.

“It was worth it, if they are going to have to operate on my spine and everything for being unemployed for 20 hours, but they do pay well,” said the Veracruz native.

Matilde Obregón, who was a participant of ‘MasterChef Celebrity’ in its first edition, added that said program is managed with weekly payments, so the total salary that each celebrity receives depends on their permanence. “You spend a week and the next. That’s great, and after reaching the final it’s a million”, highlighted the communicator.

It should be noted that this was not the only confession that Mauricio Mancera made during the interview, as he also spoke about how he managed to cope with the pressure of being, according to his own words, the “menso of the group”.

“Yes, there were many tears, from colleagues who passed by, they were told ‘your dish is not so good’ and in the cut they cried, it touched me a thousand times that he told me that my dish was not good, in fact once they told me that It was the worst thing they had tried in all the seasons, but I understood it,” he said.

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