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Mastercard Credit Card: See the Benefits!

A credit card can be synonymous with debt for some people, but for others it means savings, good shopping and convenience. Mastercard credit card benefits are varied and show that, with planning and a little knowledge, they can be incredibly advantageous.

All card companies offer advantages to their customers, but there are still many customers who are unaware of the Mastercard Card benefits.

What this article covers:

Mastercard Credit Card: What types of benefits do you need?

If you are already a Mastercard customer, find out now about all the benefits that this card brand offers. If you are not yet a customer, see the reasons for adopting this card. Operating in more than 200 countries, Mastercard occupies a leading position in the international scenario of credit card companies.

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Find out now about the main Mastercard credit card benefits that come with each type of card.

Standard Mastercard

The benefits of this card are aimed at customers who are not yet experienced with credit cards. It allows for greater control of expenses in an intelligent way. In addition, Mastercard works with a 24-hour customer service, which is called Global Services.

Another Mastercard benefit is Mastercard Surpreenda, a program for converting purchases into points and partnerships at selected stores.

Mastercard Gold

Mastercard Gold also has the Mastercard Surprise program, but it is more suitable for those who have a slightly higher income and already have a card. Through the program, the customer can take advantage of the “buy 1, get 2” system, which is available in several stores, bars and restaurants.

In addition to offering special offers, Mastercard Gold also provides customers with Protected Purchase insurance. This insurance operates when the card is damaged or stolen within a period of up to 30 days after a purchase.

Mastercard Platinum

The recommended minimum income to benefit from the Mastercard Black credit card is BRL 5,000.00. This card offers the advantage of the Mastercard Platinum Concierge, which guarantees a personal assistant available 24 hours a day to organize your trips.

This card also offers insurance for cars, trips and also the benefits of Mastercard Surprise.

Mastercard Black

Certainly the card with the greatest number and best benefits. beyond the Concierge 24h and the advantages of the Surpreenda Mastercard, the Black card guarantees medical insurance for travel, car insurance, insurance against theft at ATMs, protection for online purchases and an extended original warranty on the products.

The recommended minimum income to have a Black card ranges from R$15,000.00 to R$40,000.00.

The most interesting of the Mastercard credit card benefits is the variety and possibility of enjoying the benefits, regardless of the user’s income. It doesn’t matter if the income is low or high, the Mastercard customer is still entitled to benefits.

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