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Last year the video game sector was also affected by the pandemic that still haunts us. The component shortage forced Sony to put aside its interest in the PS5 and go back to manufacturing its predecessor, the PS4; now, the company revealed that they are set to develop the company’s latest flagship machine again.

In a briefing with Sony investors, the company said they plan to narrow the gap between PS4 and PS5 sales this year. When the company stopped manufacturing the console 5, a reduction in its sales was also perceived; clearly the most accurate response to this phenomenon was based on the fact that the audience was simply not interested in the console.

So Sony blamed the lack of sales on the company’s inability to build enough units to sell, something that didn’t make much sense to the public. According to the data presented by the company, in just 82 minutes, 80,000 PS5 units are sold, while the PS4 requires nine days to reach such sales.

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Based on this premise, the company expects to produce hundreds of units now that component shortages have eased somewhat; however, the availability of some parts remains a concern in the industry. In addition to this, Sony also argued that the Russian invasion of Ukraine is also a matter of concern, as it can affect the logistics and inventory of potential parts designed in both countries.

Given this concern, the company plans to source from multiple other suppliers for “greater agility in unstable market conditions.” Of course, strategic delivery routes are crucial right now. With these strategies, Sony hopes that the sale of PS5 will exceed those of PS4 from next year.

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