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Marysol Sosa does not seek reconciliation with Anel Noreña and her brother: “Everyone has their life”

The family of Jose jose She is still involved in the controversy and now it was her eldest daughter, Marysol Sosawho confirmed that he does not plan to reconcile with his mother, Anel Norenaand Jose Joel, Well, the problems that fractured their relationship for a few months have been maintained.

The rumors that there is a rift between the eldest children of the “Prince of Song” and Anel Noreña were confirmed last July during the “Hoy” program, when José José’s ex-wife burst into tears by revealing that there is a fracture within his family and the problems arose because José Joel had decided not to get the vaccine against COVID-19, an idea that his sister does not share, who has even denied them entry to his house, as well as family life .

But apparently Marysol Sosa has no plans to end the family estrangement, as revealed during a recent meeting with the media, where she was direct in pointing out that she is only focused on her life.

I am living my lifeI told them since September, we had some disagreements and I am living my life, I can tell you that far, “he said.

In addition, he mentioned that they have not had the opportunity to speak with his mother and brother.

“No, not yet. No, we have communicated, thank God everyone has their life“he added.

And she was direct in assuring that it is not among her plans to meet them for Christmas, because for now she only wants to be with her children.

Not for this Christmas, right now, I already have my plans, like setting up Christmas with my children of the age that I have. I have my plans, my life and I’m in my things “.

When questioned about the recent scandal that Anel Noreña starred in at a public event in which the security people accompanying her attacked the reporters who were trying to interview her, Marysol denied being aware of it.

“I did not know the truth, no, I do not know why and I do not know what I did and why it was like that,” he added.

Finally, he stressed that his problems could be solved later and now he just wants to take care of his two children.

They say that time is very wise and I have many things to do and each one his own. Family I already have for the other relatives and so on, with great pleasure. But they will always be my relatives, I am what I am and I have what I have, “she said.

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