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Maryfer Centeno analyzes whether Pablo Lyle lied in the apology he offered shortly before knowing his sentence

One of the most tense moments he lived Paul Lyle Shortly before receiving his sentence for involuntary manslaughter, it was when he tearfully expressed an apology to the family of Juan Ricardo Hernández, which has ended up dividing opinions between those who say he is completely sorry for what he caused and those who consider that he used his talent as a actor to speak before Miami-Dade authorities.

After the series of questions that arose, she was the graphologist and expert in body expression, Maryfer Ryewho agreed to the requests of his followers to analyze the movements, gestures and tone of voice used by the 35-year-old actor when he spoke in what was his last public appearance before learning that he would have to remain in prison 5 years, plus another 8 years of probation.

One of the first features that he examined was the face, which he assures shows his anxiety about what he was experiencing, since apparently he was “very tense, absolutely movedbeing the two main features that we can see in the face of Pablo Lyle”.

Before speaking in Spanish, the actor made some gestures and slightly bit his lips, which could mean nervousness, according to the graphologist.

“Why are you biting your lips? why wet them? It is nervousness, they are called appeasers, what it is doing is calming down“, he explained.

Regarding the tone of voice, he pointed out that he is between cuts as a sign of the pain he is feeling, expressions that, despite being an actor, denote how bad he is having.

“I see many comments that say that he is an actor, but he would be a person out of reality if he did not feel pain. Of course the corners are turned down, there are micro expressions and when they last more than five seconds on the face it could be taken as fake, no one can smile that long“, he pointed out in the video posted on YouTube.

He explained that he can also see stress, helplessness, shame and regret on the actor’s face.

“He can’t even talk about how excited he is, notice how he trembles, he has to pass and salivate from the difficulty he has.”

Maryfer Rye

He added that the protagonist of soap operas raises his eyebrows and eyelids a little, showing great concern, nervousness, and great pain because “He is absolutely sorry for everything that has happened“.

Finally, he spoke a little about his position and what this could mean, concluding that everything that happened was real and confirms the tragedy that Pablo Lyle is experiencing.

“He is already hunched over, his hands are very close together, there is a lot of tension, a lot of stress, a lot of fear. They tagged me and when I started seeing comments that he’s faking it, no. Do you think all this is fake? Of course not, of course not“, he sentenced.

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