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Maryfer Centeno analyzes the video of Shakira and her ex-mother-in-law: “These gestures are reprehensible”

Shakira and Piqué had been in a relationship for more than 10 years.

Photo: Alex Pantling/Getty Images

Shakira She was very hurt after her unexpected break with Piqué after 12 years of relationship. And around this event information has not stopped emerging, and this time Gerard’s mother would have been the target of controversy.

Images of Montserrat Bernabéu, mother of the former Barcelona player, hurting the face of the Colombian appeared on social networks. What unleashed the furor because they show alleged mistreatment of Shakira by her ex-mother-in-law.

Well, a controversial video has come to light in which the exact moment is appreciated when the ex-mother-in-law of the Colombian singer takes her face and makes her shut up forcefully even though Gerard is present and does nothing about it.

Despite the fact that an act of violence is not visible beyond the moment with which Piqué’s mother holds the face of the singer of “Las de la intuición” with one handthe truth is that it is visible that it exerts force when touching it.

Immediately afterwards, you can see how Montserrat Bernabéu tells Shakira to keep quiet and even makes a sign with her hand indicating that she should be quiet.

What has been considered a gesture of repression and an indicator of violence towards the beloved singer from Barranquilla. This was revealed by the graphologist, Maryfer Centeno, who was positioned among the main trends in social networks for analyzing the body language of this moment.

“Notice how the look is fierce and notice how it invades the intimate distance with Shakira, what is this, less than 20 centimeters. We also see how the hand squeezes, but the gaze is totally fierce”commented the graphologist on TikTok.

According to Centeno, when Shakira allegedly felt threatened by her then mother-in-law, she chose to distance herself a bit and pretended to take off the jacket she was wearing.this: “It’s like saying ‘don’t intimidate me’, but here the mother-in-law sentences her, tells her to shut up.”

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