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Marvel to Produce Wonder Man Series for Disney+ • ENTER.CO

A new hero joins the ranks of the MCU. An article from The Hollywood Reporter assures that Marvel is developing a new series inspired by the hero Wonder Man. For now the details about this new show are quite scarce, but according to the report the series is being developed by the writer of Brokling Nine -Nine, Andrew Guest. For now, other details about the project are unknown, including the actor who will play it, however, THR sources assure that the series is planned to begin recording and production next year.

It is interesting that we know about the project at this time. Wonder Man is a relatively unknown character to many except the most dedicated fans of Marvel comics. Perhaps the most interesting element of him is in the relationship he has with Wanda and Vision.

In Vision’s case, at some point it is discovered that the synth’s personality is based on Wonder Man’s mind waves. This discovery culminated in a short relationship between the hero and Wanda (after Vision died).

Of course… We already know that Vision was created in the MCU from the Artificial Intelligence Jarvis and in Wanda’s case the last time we saw her she had a mountain on top of her. More importantly, the announcement of these new MCU shows is often preceded by her first appearance in a series or movie.

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What it may also tell us is a new face in the Thunderbolts movie. Wonder Man was not part of this group, but in the comics his origin is initially as a villain. He eventually ends up becoming one of the founding members of the East Coast Avengers.

Curiously, it is not the first time that the character of Wonder Man has made his appearance in the MCU. During the filming of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 James Gunn asked actor Nathon Fillion to take some photos for some posters that would appear in the film. Unfortunately, the photos never made it to the final version of the film, although at the time Gunn assured that he would like Fillion to play Wonder Man… with which perhaps he already facilitated the choice of the MCU?

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