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Marvel confirms that John Kransiski is not the MCU’s Mr. Fantastic • ENTER.CO

Ever since Mr. Fantastic made his first appearance in the MCU, courtesy of a variant in ‘Multiverse of Madness’ played by John Kransiski, fans have had only one question: does this mean the actor has been cast as ‘the man? smartest’ of the MCU? Bad news for his fans: his cameo in Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was just fan service.

It may come as a disappointment to many, but the confirmation comes from Sam Raimi himself, who answered the question via comment on the special edition of Multiverse of Madness. In it, the director explains how the decision to include this actor was reached. Apparently, Kevin Feige was the person who selected Kransiski as Mr. Fantastic and he did it only because “fans have had the idea for years that who would be the perfect person to be Reed Richards”.

This is important, because Raimi makes it clear that Feige wanted this dream to take place in an ‘alternate universe’, indicating that Marvel Studios wanted to provide a bit of fan service, but make it clear that his Reed Richards isn’t necessarily the one that fans. fans have selected. It’s a bit of a painful decision, but one that’s understandable considering how Marvel selects the stars to headline their movies. It also means that Feige never intended to bring Kransiski into the main MCU universe.

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The latest reveal also means we’re back at the beginning in our search for clues about the MCU’s Fantastic Four movie. This is one of Marvel Studios’ most mysterious projects, and it seems that Feige understands that the expectations for the debut of the team of heroes are enormous. Last we heard, Marvel Studios was after some ‘big name’ director, after Jon Watts (the Spider-Man movies for the MCU) had stepped down as director of the project. Something that further distances the film from theaters and that projects its premiere for 2025… early.

Marvel recently announced that it will have a panel presentation at San Diego Comic Con that will take place on July 21. The event is usually the news platform, so it is possible that finally in a month we will know who is selected to play the Fantastic 4 of the MCU. And as much as we love John Kransiski as Mr. Fantastic, we have to give Marvel credit, who have a perfect record of casting the people to bring their biggest heroes to life.

Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is now available on Disney+.

Images: Marvel Studios.

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