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Mars will enter Taurus and affect your financial life: know what its effects will be

After your transit through Aries, next July 5 Mars, the planet of action and desire, will enter the stubborn sign of Taurus where it will remain until August 20which means that in the following weeks there will be a strong change of direction in our financial lives, according to astrological predictions.

Taurus is a sign ruled by Venus, a star associated with love, beauty and values, and when it merges with the impetuous red planet, our energies are focused on pleasures, love and, mainly, economic decisions.

Mars is an inner planet, which in astrology means that its impact is powerful due to its proximity to the Sun and the Earth, and its passage through the signs affects us directly. When it enters Taurus we feel more inclined to seek material and physical comforts.In addition, we are attracted to beautiful things with a lot of value, renowned astrologers such as Lesile Hale, Madi Murphy, Iva Naskova and Narayana Montúfar explained to Refinery29.

Effects of Mars in Taurus

According to experts, Mars does not feel comfortable in the constellation of the bull because their energies are contrasting; Mars means action and Taurus likes it calm, so we may resist this change of pace.. However, this transit is not negative. It is the opportunity for each zodiac sign to feel inspired and focused on their plans and ideas.

for the next few days we can focus on financial goals, since this astral movement is ideal for stability and economic security. This means that this is not the time to take risks, but to think carefully about each step and be cautious in these matters.

The last time Mars was in Taurus was on January 6, 2021 and every time that happens we can see problems or unnecessary violence, astrologers predict, because many feel the need to release pent-up emotions.

Regarding personal effects we will feel the impulse to release what makes us feel stuck or prevents us from expressing ourselvesFor this reason, we must be careful to act under impulse, they recommended.

The positive side is that the efforts we make now will be long term, therefore, if we have as a goal to improve our financial situation, the steps we take while Mars is in Taurus will be short, but lasting and at the end of the road we will find the rewards. .

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