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Mars goes direct in Gemini: 4 signs will feel its impact strongly

After more than 2 monthsMars ends this Thursday, January 12, its retrograde transit and becomes direct in Geminiwhose recovered energy will have a stronger impact on some signs of the zodiac.

A retrograde occurs when a planet seems to go back or stop in its orbit, an effect that happens due to our perspective of the sky and triggers a series of consequences depending on the sign where it does. Once it recovers its normal advance, it is called direct.

Mars represents the way we face life’s challenges as it governs action, desire, passions, sexuality and our assertive or aggressive nature. When it retrogrades, these themes are affected and we notice it in a decreased desire to move forward.

As it did in the sign of Gemini, associated with communication, its impact occurred in the transportation and technology industries, collectively, while personally causing us to keep comments and opinions to ourselves.

Now things will change and everything we keep will come to light, likewise, we will recover the energy to advance our goals, purposes, objectives and projects. What signs will be most impacted by the direct transit of Mars?

According to Collective World, the mutable signs of the zodiac will be the most affected and tell us how they will feel.

With this intense energy more responsibilities are coming to Gemini and you will have more patience with how you react to others. The key to sailing calmly will always be to remain calm and think before acting, since it is likely that you have an enormous desire to express the frustration you have felt in the past months.

During the retrograde transit of Mars, many responsibilities were charged to your sign, which complicated its need for balance. Now that the planet goes direct comfort is back and you will feel things return to their usual pace at work and career.

Retrograde Mars made you doubt your actions, however, after a period of reflection, your sign realized that is prepared to face the challenges that lie aheadand. Acting independently will be essential during this direct transit.

The energy of direct Mars will allow you plan your future without doubts, fears or shyness. It will be easier for your sign to balance the internal with the external, so that you will be ready to take the next steps. Confidence will pave your way to happiness.

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