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Married at First Sight 2023 – here are all the couples in season 9

Earlier this week, SVT’s popular program finally premiered Married at First sight. We take a closer look at this year’s participants!

Photo: SVT

Married at First sight is SVT’s hit program where the participants step into the unknown and marry a stranger, all in the hope that the experts will have found their soul mate. Below we list the brave Swedes participating in the program this year and who was paired with whom.

Alexander and Lina

Alexander, 40 years, head of unit, emergency department, Malmö (raised in Ullared) and Line, 37 years old, healthcare assistant, Gothenburg.

Photo: SVT

Stina and Fredrik

Stina, 31, nurse, Uppsala (raised in Enköping) and Fredrik, 32, product manager, Stockholm.

Photo: SVT

Caroline and August

Caroline, 32, animal nurse, Kumla (raised in Örebro) and Agust, 32, project manager and artist, Uddebo (raised in Järna).

Photo: SVT

Arvid and Ida

Arvid, 34, military officer, Djursholm (raised in Knutby) and Ida, 35 years old, broker, Stockholm (raised in Aspeå).

Photo: SVT

The expert panel

This year’s experts are, like before, psychologist Fredric Bohm, psychotherapist Maria Farm, and sexologist and psychotherapist Karl Norwald.

Photo: SVT

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