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Marlene Favela boasts in house tour the beautiful decoration of her house for Christmas

If anyone knows how to enjoy Christmas, that is the actress Marlene Favela, who through a video, lasting more than 8 minutes, shared details of the spectacular decoration of her house for these long-awaited and important dates.

Little Bella’s mother had already shown us her Birth a few days ago, but now it was the turn of the rest of her very nice apartment in Mexico City, which is already more than ready to receive the arrival of Santa Claus.

“Hello friends… As promised, it is with great affection that I share with you the Christmas decoration of my house, which makes me and my Bella happy. Come with me on this journey ”, reads the text with which she accompanied her material.

The Christmas tour of your home began in the dining area. There he decorated a piece of furniture with a red cart with the legend ‘Merry Christmas’, its cushions are now red and white, while on his table he put tablecloths that combine red and green tones, ad hoc napkins with the festivities, as well as various figures of Santa Claus and the occasional reindeer.

He then showed off the gnomes, snowmen and multiple cushions that adorn other corners of his property, while gingerbread men and Christmas towels took over his kitchen.

Her living room, which was the place where she placed her tree, was decorated with Christmas cushions and various boots of the time, in which, surely, Bella will receive her gifts for how well she behaved throughout the year.

On the coffee table in her living room she placed a wreath of bells, a calendar that counts down the days until Christmas arrives, some tin soldiers, some Christmas Eve flowers and pine trees of all sizes and materials.

The decoration also said present in your bathroom. The actress changed her towels, as well as her soap dispensers. There is no doubt that Marlene Favela has very good taste and this was demonstrated with her very pretty decoration.

He also showed off his very pretty Christmas tree, which, like the rest of his house, was decorated with the traditional decorations.

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