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Markets and stores reinforce promotions for the beginning of the year

After the popular “January invoice scare”, what consumers most want to save?? Markets and stores, on the other hand, want to guarantee their clientele, in addition to moving stock. Given this, Brazilians can expect several promotions at the beginning of the year.

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In fact, many companies have already announced the new offers?? There are discounts of more than 70% on some products. So, those who couldn’t buy at Christmas time or Black Friday can find great opportunities now. Here are some examples and how to plan!

After Grupo Pão de Açúcar announced the sale of 71 Hiper Extra units, the company is focusing on Mini Extra points. Proof of this are the company’s new promotional brochures. O Extra Leaflet January, for example, is called Operation Summer??

In it, consumers can find discounts on various products, including yogurt, ready-to-eat pizzas, sausages, coconut water and even washing powder. There is also a Extra Market specific insertwhere you have promotions and the WhatsApp number to receive the offers.

Magazine Luiza

Another company that started the year surprising consumers is Magazine Luiza. Already in the first week of the year, the chain announced discounts of up to 80% in more than 19 thousand products.

It is worth noting that Magalu continues to expand its product portfolio, however, the highlight continues to be home appliances and electronics. Cell phones, washers and televisions are among the products that are costing less.


Call of Biggest sale in Brazil, the Americanas promotions season has already begun. As with Magalu, there are discounts for physical and digital stores?? In the case of online purchases, Americanas announced that shipping is free for some regions, ensuring yet another advantage for consumers.

According to the company, in store app has even more offers specials. So it’s worth comparing prices. Products such as cell phones, notebooks and microwaves are among the highlights.

How to get organized at the beginning of the year

For many consumers it can be tempting to start the year with so many offers. But it pays to be careful not fall into scams or spend more than is ideal?? Check out tips for shopping safely and economically:

  • evaluate what you really need and the opportunities offered. An impulse purchase can hurt your budget for a while;
  • compare prices, including between stores that offer free and paid shipping. Depending on the region, the delivery fee can make the purchase much more expensive, making it less attractive;
  • check if the store is reliable, especially if buying online. There are many cases of delivery delays and even blows, so it’s worth being careful;
  • start planning the year’s expenses?? Will you spend on your credit card? No problem, as long as it doesn’t compromise the income you will still receive. Otherwise, it may be difficult to meet all expenses;
  • remember to set up an emergency reserve?? Spending everything you earn is not ideal, as at some point an unexpected situation may arise, including a layoff or a health problem. Having some value saved is essential to get through these moments.

As seen, this is the time that several stores take advantage of launching promotions. This year, big companies like Magalu and Americanas announced discounts on several products. But it’s worth keeping an eye out so you don’t go over your budget and buy what you want in a trusted place.

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