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Mark Levengood and Jonas Gardell go their separate ways

Jonas Gardell and Mark Levengood have chosen to end their relationship, they say on Instagram. “It is very painful,” writes Gardell.

Photo: Instagram @jonasgardell

After 37 years together, Jonas Gardell and Mark Levengood are going their separate ways. The couple, who married in 2011 and have two children together, announced the sad news in a separate post on Instagram.

Photo: Instagram @jonasgardell

Jonas Gardell: “Will try to be friends”

In his post, Gardell writes that the couple will not divorce, but that they have ended their love relationship:

“It is with sadness and a strong sense of unreality that I tell you that Mark and I have separated. We will not separate, but no longer have a love relationship, but will try to be friends. We’re going to therapy and we’ll see where it leads,” writes Gardell in a post on Instagram.

He continues:

“I’m telling you to avoid gossip, but otherwise this is completely private and very painful. We will not comment in any other way, answer questions or give interviews and ask for respect for this. But you are welcome to look at us and our groping with tender and loving eyes.”

Mark Levengood: “Difficult and Messy”

Levengood also writes about the separation on the platform:

“It is with great sadness that after a long life together we announce today that we are separating. However, we will continue to be married, and get help trying to sort out what is difficult and tangled. Send us warm thoughts. However, out of consideration for our family, we will not answer any questions and ask for respect and understanding for this.”

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