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Maritza, -12 kg with ManzaRoja: “This diet is easier to follow than to leave it”

Maritza lost 12 kilos following the ManzanaRoja app diet. Today she feels rejuvenated, she sleeps better, she has more determination and strength at work.

Maritza is a Peruvian woman who has lived in Italy for many years with her son. Always in shape, she had been a bit carried away for a while. And those extra kilos weighed like stones in his days.

So, having met ManzanaRoja by chance on Facebook, he got curious and decided to give it a try. And in this path of well-being, she also involved her son who became her official cook.

“We stop buying unhealthy foods because this diet makes us feel so much better.”

everything is wanting

The willpower On a road like this it is essential. You have to believe in yourself and love yourself more and more. Maritza realized that she was strong, firm and determined when she began to see the scale go down and down.

The App was then essential. He found it convenient, simple, especially with the recipes available.

“Having someone who thinks of you and also supports you in your diet leaves you speechless!”

Sport and diet: a perfect mix

On the trip with ManzanaRoja, the desire to take care of his body returns and he also rediscovers his passion for sport. And after losing his 12 kg, he also managed to tone his body, making him stronger and more energetic.

Then he learned new things every day: healthy recipes, combinations, use of spices, when and why to eat one dish instead of another.

Even shopping became a moment of conscious and precise choices. Today he knows how to read labels and pays close attention to the ingredients of what he buys.

“The best thing about ManzanaRoja is that I always learn something new, I don’t just diet!”

always see the bright side

For Maritza ManzanaRoja it was an opportunity to challenge herself. She has embarked on her path with determination and in the end she feels reborn.

Never in her life would she have thought of wearing an XS. For her, Melarossa is an experience that must be done, because it allows you to find yourself, change and feel better.

Today she feels rejuvenated, sleeps better, has more determination and strength at work. With this diet nothing is difficult, it is much easier to continue than to abandon it. Because it changes your life, for the better.

«ManzanaRoja has changed my life, it is easier to follow it than to leave it because it makes you feel very good».

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