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Maripily Rivera gets daring and performs a hot photo session in lingerie

Marilyn Rivera.

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actress and presenter maripily rivera He turned on social networks with a hot video in which he was seen with nothing more than lingerie and high-heeled boots They gave a lot to talk about. Keep reading that here we tell you the details!

From her official Twitter account, the Puerto Rican delighted the pupil of her digital community by showing a ‘behind the scenes’ of the photo shoot she recently starred in. And although she did not reveal the reason behind said session, her famous caused a stir due to its erotic overtones.

Maripily Rivera wore a heart-stopping silhouette while wearing a revealing set of red lingerie adorned with straps. The outfit was accompanied by patent leather boots that hugged her shapely legs and ended up outlining her silhouette.

“What’s coming is fire 🔥 and if you don’t like it, don’t follow me and don’t give your opinion on my social networks, it’s so easy! 😂 Thanks to my son @joe_joegarcia, family, friends, work team and you my fans for supporting every idea of ​​mine ♥️ You asked for it and from @kikeflorescreator’s photographic lens you will see my #newproject 📸🎥”, wrote Maripily Rivera to accompany the publication .

Hours later, the presenter published a new video in which she was shown in the company of her photographer, seeing the final result of her sensual set of poses in front of the camera lens.

The compliments and likes did not take long to arrive on the platform. Here we share some of them: “You look beautiful”, “Queen”, “Several would like to have your physique”, “Beautiful”, “Mariii I was shocked” and “Goddess”, are some of the messages that are read on the net .

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