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Mario Bros birthday decoration

When talking about video games, it is inevitable not to think about mario brosthe character that marked the 90s. Despite being a nostalgic figure, Mario continues to be a reason for fun for children and teenagers who play Nintendo.

Mario Bros is a nostalgic theme. (Photo: Disclosure)

O super mario world is considered one of the biggest hits on the Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) platform, with 20 million copies sold worldwide. The game is divided into different maps and contains multiple levels.

THE Mario Bros themed birthday party promises to be an event able to please adults and children alike.

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Mario Bros theme for birthday party

Mario Bros can serve as an inspiration for decorate the birthday party🇧🇷 However, before starting the decoration, it is important to know the main characters in the story and the elements that appear in the game’s scenario.

Sweets decorated for a Mario Bros. (Photo: Disclosure)

Check out the tips below for decorating a Mario Bros inspired birthday party🇧🇷

• O mario bros game it has a variety of colors, so it is interesting that the decoration is very colorful. Shades like red, green, yellow, orange and blue cannot be missing;

• In addition to Mário and Luigi, other characters need to characterize the visual identity of the party and compose the scenarios, such as the green and red mushrooms, the turtles, the little stars, the little princess, Yosh, the carnivorous plants, the little ghosts and clouds;

• To represent well the party game sceneit is worth betting on drawings of trees, delicate flowers, colored pipes, cubes with question marks, grass and coins;

Super Mario levels serve as inspiration for decorating the party. (Photo: Disclosure)

• A main table it should have a cake in the center, preferably decorated according to the theme. Decorated sweets arranged on trays also contribute to the decor. Table decorations that enhance the characters can be made of Styrofoam, MDF or EVA;

• The game’s pipes can serve as containers for sweets, such as lollipops and pop-cakes;

• A tower of cupcakes decorated with the Mario Bros theme promises to complete the table decor;

• An arch of balloons of different colors can be placed at the bottom of the main table and at the entrance to the party;

• TNT in green and blue colors help to make the party space more characteristic;

• Working with large, interactive ornaments is a way to get children’s attention;

• Decorative panels can be inspired by the main game stages🇧🇷

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Check out a selection of pictures with Mario Bros decor and get inspired:

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