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Marinated Christmas cheer in Leif Mannerström’s style

Anchovies can be so much more than a modest feature in Jansson’s Temptation. We turn to Leif Mannerström to see how best to conjure up a fantastic marinated Christmas jovis Mannerström’s way!

Photo: Unsplash/Thomas Yeh

With a freshness from the lemon, star restaurateur and TV personality Leif Mannerström conjures up a lively and tasty marinated anchovy for the Christmas festivities. Serve the fish with a good crispbread and a schnapps that enhances the flavors even more, and we can promise that the entire Christmas table will be very satisfied and satisfied! Check out the recipe below!

For more tips on how to cook Christmas food from scratch, check out Mannerström’s Christmas cookbook which contains recipes for everything you need and then some.

Here below you will find Mannerström’s recipe for marinated Yulanjovis!

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