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Maribel Guardia steals sighs by wearing a fitted minidress at 63 years old

7.8 million followers remain attentive on Instagram to the sensual content that Maribel Guardia usually shares with them.

Photo: Thomas Robinson/Getty Images

As the years go by, Maribel Guardia looks more radiant and her spectacular physique contrasts with the 63 years she claims to be.

Result of a meticulous diet and hard physical work, The Costa Rican actress has also become a celebrity on social networks, where she has 7.8 million followers attentive to enjoy all her content.

Like few women her age, Maribel Guardia constantly shows off her physical attributes, which seem to defy time.

In the most recent of her provocative photo shoots, the Tica wears a fitted dark dress with a V-neckline and a daring mid-calf slit that leaves little to the imagination.

To tell the truth, anyone who doesn’t know Maribel, with these types of photo sessions could point out that they are in front of a woman who is training at 50, but not exceeding 60, as is her case.

However, Due to the expression captured by the photographer in charge of the session, who also took great care to take care of even the smallest detail in the lighting, it is inexplicable that the mature actress could be in pain, alluding to the leaked information where it is mentioned that At the beginning of next year he will have to undergo surgery about which very little is known.

I have to do some arrangement in January. I wish it was aesthetic. It is an operation that I have to do. It’s not delicate, thank God, because I had a biopsy and it was finebut surely I have to have an operation ”, he pointed out a few days ago before various media outlets.

Regarding the aesthetic procedures to which the Costa Rican actress is assured to have resorted to look radiant, her detractors point out on social networks that at least five changes have been detected: rhinoplasty (nose), mammoplasty (breast augmentation), mastopexy (lifting breast augmentation), rhytidoplasty (elimination of excess skin on the face) and liposculpture (remodeling of the silhouette through a significant extraction of fat).

However, the positive results are obvious, as other entertainment stars who have resorted to similar procedures have not had equally surprising results.

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