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Maribel Guardia reveals that she will be operated on in January, although she did not reveal the causes: “I did the biopcia”

Maribel Guardia announced that, after undergoing a series of studies, will have to be operated in the coming weeks and although she denies that it is a delicate health problem, she preferred not to reveal more details of the condition that will force her to enter the operating room.

The person who has gone through difficult times in recent months is Maribel Guardia, and it is that last Tuesday, December 6, her foster mother, Vilma Chacón, underwent surgery to remove one breast due to cancer that was detected last October. . Fortunately, the surgery was a success and now she only has to continue with the treatment, which has been favorable thanks to the encouragement and sense of humor that the whole family has given her.

But it was during a brief meeting with the media, where the actress of Costa Rican origin revealed that she is also undergoing constant medical check-ups because cancer has been present in various members of her family.

And although on this occasion he preferred not to reveal more details, he announced that he will have to undergo surgery in early 2023.

“I have also had several tests, I have to do some arrangement tooI think in January,” he confessed.

When questioned if it will be for aesthetic reasons, she replied that “I wish” it was for that reason, but this time it is not like that, because it is an operation that has to be done. Nevertheless, rules out that it is something delicate since the results of the biopsy that was carried out confirmed it.

“No, thank God no (it’s delicate), ‘Cause I did the biopsy and it’s fine, dear Godbut I sure have to have surgery in January,” he said before reporter Eden Dorantes’ camera.

Finally, he denied that it is a tumor, only assuring that it is “something out there”; He immediately decided to evade the questions, stating that it will be another time when he reveals more details of his intervention.

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