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Maribel Guardia questions Shakira’s song: “infidelity hurts men twice as much”

Even Maribel Guardia has commented on Shakira’s world hit. The actress and presenter says that not only women experience the pain of infidelity, as she assures that men suffer more for this reason.

The Costa Rican actress talked about Shakira’s song with Bizarrap, where she throws darts without fail at her ex-partner, soccer player Gerard Piqué and his new girlfriend Clara Chía.

In the presentation to the media of her program ‘This is already personal’, the spectacular Maribel asserted that, although women feel pain in the face of men’s infidelities, it is the males who suffer the most when women are unfaithful.

“There are also a lot of cuckolded men out there, we always talk about women and we forget that it is a problem of human beings, human beings can betray, deceive, but women empower ourselves because we accommodate ourselves”

Maribel Guardia

Heartbreak is much more painful for them, according to Guardia. “Men too, it’s just that the man doesn’t like it when they know he’s a cuckold and it hurts twice as much as the woman, we tell it because we open our hearts more easily than a man,” he added.

He clarified rumors about his health

There had been much speculation about the actress’s state of health, but she said that her recovery from surgery is going very well.

“I had surgery on the first of December, they removed my womb and fallopian tubes, and I returned to the theater barely a week ago, because jumping, jumping, and dancing a little daring because I had to have at least completed my quarantine, but there I go, I feel quite good, “he explained.

Likewise, the singer also explained that what happened was due to the lack of medical control she had during the pandemic.

“You know, the breast exam, the pap smear, and it’s with another exam that the womb thing came out. I had endometriosis and they did a biopsy. Dear God, it was fine, but if you neglect it, it can lead to cancer, so the doctor told me ‘you have to operate’. So when the holidays came I said ‘now is when’

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