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Maribel Guardia confesses that she underwent surgery to remove her womb: “It could end in cancer”

Last December Maribel Guardia anticipated that would have to undergo surgery for health reasonsand although at that time she preferred not to reveal more details about the true reasons that led her to make this decision, she recently made it known that was operated on the womb.

Everything is ready for Maribel Guardia to return to the recording forums, but now as the host of the talk show that will be called ‘This is already personal’, in which she will address themes of love, heartbreak and all kinds of problems, always based on your personal experience.

But in addition to sharing information related to this new project, the actress of Costa Rican origin also confessed that she has fully recovered from the surgery she underwent a few weeks ago to completely remove her uterus.

“I had surgery on December 1, They removed my womb and fallopian tubes and I returned to the theater just a week ago, just because, jumping, jumping and dancing. I saw myself a little daring, because I had to have fulfilled, at least, the quarantine, but here I go I feel quite good, ”she shared with the spirit that characterizes her.

And she explained that it was a process that she lived without complications, she was even discharged one day after surgery.

“I felt very good from the first day I had surgery, the next day I bathed and they even told me: stay one more day in the hospital, but no, I got up, bathed and went home,” he explained.

He revealed that it was after the COVID-19 pandemic when he decided to catch up with his studies and during a visit with the gynecologist was where he was diagnosed with endometriosis, for which he underwent another series of tests in which it was finally determined that he would have to undergo surgery to prevent other diseases such as cancer.

“It is with another exam that the womb thing came out. I had endometriosis and they did a biopsy. Dear God, it was fine, but if you neglect it, it could lead to cancer and when the holidays were over, I said now is when, ”he added before Eden Dorantes’ camera.

It was a treatment that started on time, so now all that remains is to continue taking care of herself, but in addition to said condition, she opened her heart to ensure that she had a difficult time due to the cancer suffered by her sister, who also had to undergo surgery in the one that had one of her breasts removed, in addition to the fact that she is already taking chemotherapy.

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