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Maribel Guardia boasts a waist in a jumpsuit that left little to the imagination

With a smile on her face and surrounded by a stunning floral arrangement, Maribel Guardia surprised her audience in networks and unleashed a wave of comments with which she showed that she is still considered one of the most beloved women of television in Mexico.

Through her Instagram account, the actress of melodramas such as “A lucky family” and “Corona de Lágrimas” He published an unexpected photograph in which he wore an elegant outfit that did not go unnoticed by his digital community.

It was about a black jumpsuit that adjusted to her curves and showed more thanks to the pronounced oval neckline that adorned it. As for her hairstyle, Maribel Guardia chose to collect her long hair in a high ponytail, while her makeup was kept at the gala of neutrals.

As usual, the singer also decided to accompany her publication with a brief but forceful reflection that resonated with her millions of followers.

“Silence is how you learn to listen. Listening is how you learn to speak and speaking is how you learn to be silent, ”Guardia wrote as a description of her photograph.

As a result, dozens of Internet users turned to the comments section to dedicate one or another compliment: “How cool”, “Wonderful being of light”, “Always so beautiful”, “You are beautiful as always” and “Pretty”, are some from the answers you got on the net.

In addition to fans, some celebrities in the media, such as Lorena Herrera and Mayrín Villanueva, left a comment of affection for the famous. “Beautiful” and “Very precious”, respectively.

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