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Mariana Seoane reveals that they operated on her to remove a tumor in her throat and she was afraid of dying

Mariana Seoane She underwent surgery on November 29 and days later she shared some details with her followers on social networks; However, the singer reappeared before the television cameras to confess that she removed a tumor the size of a golf ball from the throatand although fortunately it was benign, he was afraid of dying.

The Mexican actress and singer attended the “Hoy” program as a guest, where she was grateful for being in front of the operation in which a tumor was removed from her throat that was detected last March and that she attributes to a series of events that she had to endure on an emotional level, as she confesses that she spent a lot of time depressed by the cancer her mother suffered, in addition to ending a five-year relationship and the loss of the baby her sister was expecting.

We discovered this since March, it started to grow and grow, I had a lot of personal issues at home and, well, the fears that one experiences when they suddenly tell you: ‘hey, measure the size of a golf ballit is on the left side, it is close to the carotid that It’s dangerous and your vocal cords‘” he explained.

She confesses that it was difficult to receive this news, coming to feel that the world was closing in on her, for which she only left her life in the hands of God and a group of doctors who helped her, fortunately it was a benign tumor.

“God made it nothing, my tumor was benignI also had all the scenarios and I said: ‘I’m going to fight anyway’. It was a great learning experience and I wanted to come and comment on it because many people are going through these situations and the body somatizes. I wanted to be an example for you that I am fighting here, ”he commented.

Although she is gradually resuming her activities after the surgery in which the tumor was removed, and she is recovering the mobility of her vocal cords, she confesses that she was afraid of dying.

“Without a doubt (he felt) afraid of dying, afraid that something would happen because no one knows. I was afraid to do that to my parents, I don’t have children so I don’t have that engine that you have, thank God, but I said that I don’t want to do that to my parents, to my sisters. Yes, I was afraid, but we do not know when we are going to stop being here, when it is our last day, without a doubt the present is the most beautiful thing we have and the desire I have to move on, so there is Mariana for a long time, “he added.

He emphasizes that he also came to think that his career was over, but today he is grateful for having gone to the doctor for a general check-up, because although it did not hurt, he began to feel some discomfort when he sang.

No (it hurt) but when I was distressed I cried and sometimes singing there would come a moment when he would say: ‘What’s up?’ I think that due to the size there was surely a time when I would get hoarse quickly or there were times when the strings were not doing their job well, like air leaks, like some kind of cockerel or something that happened, but it’s over now and I’m happy to be able to come to say it here at home”, he concluded.

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