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Mariana Seoane breaks the silence and reveals the reason why she was hospitalized | VIDEO

After neck surgery, Mariana Seoane finally revealed that the reason why she was hospitalized a few days ago, since she indicated that they removed a tumor in that area of ​​her body.

So that her statements would not further disturb her millions of fans, the actress and singer He explained what happened and how he is now that the cyst was removed, which affected his health.

The singer of “I was wrong” did a live on her Instagram account where she talked about her health problems, because on November 29 she reported with a publication that she had undergone surgery.

However, at that time he did not give details of what it was, turning on the alarms of his followers, who only sent him good wishes for his recovery. Now he explained that a few months ago they detected this tumor, which put his vocal cords at risk.

The soap opera actress appeared before the camera with a much better face, as she looked made-up and in a flirty white outfit, likewise, she discovered her neck, which she had covered these days with a patch, revealing her scar.

Which despite not being very big caught the attention of its fans, whom he thanked for all the expressions of affection during this difficult recovery process.

“Here you see me, what’s up? Here’s my scar… it’s my first appearance like this live (live) for a long time… I take advantage of this moment first of all to thank you for so much love, so much good vibes, all the prayers you did for me, for my health. The truth was I was very scared, it was not easy ”


The so-called “good girl” said that since March of this year they detected a tumor on her thyroid that measured about 3 centimeters “about the size of a golf ball,” said the actress, who also stressed that it was on the left side where is your scar

Mariana pointed out that for this reason she had to undergo surgery, for which she thanked the medical team that treated her at this time when her health was weak.

“Grateful to God, with the hands of surgeon Héctor Aguirre, with the entire team at Hospital Ángeles del Pedregal, who were making all of this go as well as possible”

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