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Margaux Dietz’s new decision about son Arnold: “Will not be involved anymore”

In a new video on YouTube, Margaux Dietz talks about how her life looks today given the turbulent time she experienced after posting a controversial video on her YouTube channel last fall.

Photo: Instagram @margauxdietz

It was last fall as the influencer Marguerite Dietz discovered an unconscious man outside his front door. Instead of immediately calling for help, the influencer filmed the person – whom she described as “a little bloody and bruised” and let her five-year-old son poke him. She also called her personal trainer to ask him for advice before calling the police.

Dietz’s behavior gave rise to strong criticism on social media and in December the SVT documentary was released Can we forgive Margaux? – a documentary which in turn was criticized as many believed it breached journalistic integrity.

“Feeling very well”

In a question and answer session on YouTube says Dietz that today she feels “very, very well” despite the recent controversies.

She goes on to tell how she and her ex Jakob Liebermann will do with their YouTube series, Modern familywhich they started last spring to show how they manage their everyday life with their joint child Arnold, 5.

“There will be no more Modern family as it looks now,” she says. “But if you want Jakob to make a guest appearance here, please write in the comment field, because he likes to get a little push.”

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Margaux Dietz’s decision about son Arnold

Dietz also says that the son will no longer appear in her videos:

“Arnold will not be involved any more. But I am very proud and happy about all the mothers I know – and fathers – and separated parents who have been inspired by following us for a long time.”

She continues:

“My big mission now is that Arnold is not allowed to get TikTok yet – and it has started to be nagging,” she says with a laugh. “Honestly, I’ve always thought that social media is a great place. Until this [hände]. I have been quite naive. I’m worried and I don’t know how I feel about him having social media, actually.”

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